Race Approved 5-Point Harness - 3" (No Pads)

DragonFire has competed and won almost every type of UTV racing in North America. With the growing popularity of UTV racing more and more people are requiring race level equipment. DragonFire is proud to offer our SFI Certified 5-Point Race Harness. The SFI foundation is non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for racing equipment. Many racing organizations, including the WORCS series and SCORE, BITD require SFI-certified belt's for UTV’s to race in their series. With our this harness you will be ready to go race for the win in comfortable and maximum safety!

    Note: Additional installation hardware and/or moutning components may be required depending on model.

    Customer Testimonial

    Here is the story; 7.25.09 We (driver and navigator) were racing in the 150 mile OutLaw desert here in New Mexico. We were on lap three in third place doing 50M.P.H. over ruff terrain when another vehicle, lost in our dust cloud, rear ended us. Instantly we did two end over end flips followed by three side rolls.

    I messed up my full face helmet, got a black eye from head trauma, no blows to the face.
    I have been in many wrecks over the years but this one was the most violent, for the first time in my 45 years I had the "so this is how you are going to die" thought.

    I had serious injuries. Whole body bruised up, neck did not move for almost one month. The CT scan reveled blood behind my right eye/ torn sinus cavity. The head injury was scary! If I coughed or sneezed I had a popping behind my right eye with a horrible pain, it felt as if my eye would come out.
    My navigator was bruised up and sore for a few weeks but fine.

    The stock rolled cage is fantastic, absorbed tons of shock, protected the riders and saved the frame of the RZR.

    My first recommendation for RZR riders is Dragon Fire belts they truly saved our lives.

    Today "praise God" both rider and the RZR are almost 100%!!

    As far as the RZR S an amazing machine. After almost $5000.00 out of my pocket (insurance does not cover race related damage) and many hours of my time it is 99.5% back to new, a few scratches.

    Here is the broken parts list;
    Full cage, 4 ball joints, 2 cab side bars, 2 fox shock spring retainers, 2 fox shock eyelets, both front upper a arms, passenger side front axle, 4 new tires(blew out two), one new rim(broken), front end plastic, radiator mount, radiator hoses, radiator fill neck, 6 HID lights, front pre runner push guard, new stereo, steering wheel, two front hubs, Bimini top, lock and ride light bar, rear end plastic, new tail light, rear whole plastic cargo deck, CV boot, and more Im sure I left out.

    As you might guess I learned a lot that day. I have minor brain damage but that has been there since my teenage years, Life is good!


    Part Number Price
    14-0804 $139.99
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    • SFI Approved race harness restraint with 3" wide straps
    • 5-Point SFI certified harness spec 16.1
    • No padding on shoulder straps which is ideal for "HANS device" & other safety equipment
    • EZ adjust hardware on shoulder straps
    • Reverse pull lap belts for ease of use when strapping into cockpit
    • Rolled shoulder strap ends to easily find straps with gloves & helmet
    • Blacked out hardware with anti-corrosion coating
    • 5-Point harness with sub-belt included
    • Recommended for racing applications
    • Don't forget your DragonFire Override Clip and Mounting options to complete installation
    • Harnesses are sold individually (i.e. quantity 1 will outfit 1 seat)
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    Part Number Model Year(s)
    14-0804 All Al
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