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HEAVYMETAL BUMPERS READY TO ROCK! Prototype In Place On Destination Polaris Rig

August 08, 2012

To quote our favorite old school hard rockers, AC/DC, “for those about to rock, we salute you!” With DragonFire’s new Project X rig for the “Destination Polaris” TV show almost ready to rock, it was time to crank up the HeavyMetal!  Literally. As good as the current crop of UTVs are stock, one piece of the puzzle that is missing on many models is a decent bumper. Plus, there are times when a simple push bar just isn’t enough. So starting with our Baja-proven front Bash bumper, our fabricators sectioned off some steel, fired up the laser-cutter and beefed up the bumper to create the HeavyMetal front end seen here. Note that the factory-mounted winch is still in place, now protected by our bullet-proof front bumper. It also provided the perfect place to mount some additional high-intensity LED lights. It is almost time to tune into the Outdoor Channel to see the HeavyMetal bumper and all the other innovations in action; set your DVRs for August 20th to see DragonFire’s Project X rig make its debut on “Destination Polaris.” Also, check out our Facebook page for some more details:

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