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TEAM DRAGONFIRE BEATING THE ODDS: Benson Bounces Back, Melville Moves Up And Granlund Goes Into Third

August 16, 2012

With all the excitement surrounding the launch of the new Project X rig for the “Destination Polaris” TV show set to air on August 20th, we have been remiss in our Team DragonFire Race Reports. To make amends, we would like to congratulate team drivers Nic Granlund, Ken Benson and Kyle Melville for their great finishes at round 7 of the WORCS series at Cahuilla Creek MX Park in Anza, CA.

The pressure was really on for Ken and the DragonFire crew as they thrashed to get Ken’s car ready following a disappointing DNF caused by impact with a tree at the last round. In what seemed impossible, Ken and the crew at DragonFire where able to not only get him ready for the race, but also provide a podium-worthy car. Staying true to form, Ken kept the pedal down and was able to race to 2nd place — showing everyone at WORCS that he is a force to be reckoned with! In fact, Benson’s elapsed time for the race was on pace with the 1000cc production class, where he would have finished 6th with an 850cc machine!

Stolid Swede Nic Granlund put in another solid race at Cahuilla, finishing 4th.  Big Nic has been consistently fast and moves into 3rd place overall in the WORCS series. Meanwhile long-time team driver Kyle Melville showed what years behind the wheel can do as he battled the highly talented field throughout the race. Kyle is still getting used to his new Kawasaki Teryx, but he was turning some quick lap times, ultimately earning 5th place overall. After the dust settled, Team DragonFire finds Nic Granlund in 3rd and Kyle Melville sitting in 4th in points for the season. Ken Benson continues to stay in the top 10, holding onto 7th, which is very impressive given some of the bad luck he suffered throughout the season.

With only one round left in the 2012 WORCS Racing season, Nic, Kyle and Ken are all showing that they have what it takes to go out and take care of business.  The season finale is scheduled for September 14-16 at Honolulu Hills in Taft, CA.

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