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September 04, 2015

Despite the name, the Outlaw Jamboree is anything but a bunch of bikers terrorizing a town! Instead it is all about a family friendly environment and making memories with your UTV. From an ice cream social and UTV parade down Main Street to the BBQ, fire pits and fireworks display, DragonFire will #FeelTheHeat and be #MakingMemories for the Labor Day Holiday. Our friends and Arizona neighbors from RideNow have participated in this event for the past 12 years, and they invited us to join in the fun and make some memories with them this year. Talk about an offer you can't refuse!



In addition to the UTV parade, where candy is handed out to kids lining the parade route, there are also a ATV/UTV Rodeo and Mud Bog Events, nightly Wild West shoot outs and drawings for some serious swag, including a new Polaris donated by RideNow. But at DragonFire, some of our best memories come from the trail rides… which The Outlaw Trail Jamboree delivers in spades, introducing participants to trails through high country pine and aspen forests that are still pretty much untouched and unchanged over the last 100 years. 


The non-profit Apache County ATV Club promotes ATV/UTV riding in the Eagar/Springerville, Arizona area. Their mission is to help educate the public on proper and responsible riding and the importance of protecting our natural resources to ensure the ability of future generations to enjoy the beauty and bounty of our forests. In order to help complete this mission they organize and sponsor the annual Arizona ATV Outlaw Trail Jamboree.


When you are done with a trail ride, you can cruise your quad or UTV right down the middle of Main Street! Both the Town of Springerville and Town of Eagar, as well as Apache County law enforcement agencies, work with the Jamboree organizers and will not ticket non-street legal ATVs/UTVs that are participating in the Jamboree. Guess that is where the “Outlaw” name came from?


Not quite… Seems that the White Mountains of Arizona and Springerville were home Arizona's last outlaw encampment which prevented Arizona from becoming a state. The toughest lawmen of the era were recruited to clear out the lawless element, including Commodore Perry Owens, Lot Smith, and Hank Sharp (former members of the Butch Cassidy Gang) and the Arizona Rangers were called in to tame this little valley and root out the likes of the Clantons, McLouries (of OK Corral gunfight infamy) and the Smith Gang. Blood was spilt, law brought to this region, and pioneer settlers were finally able to raise their families in peace. But the memories and the descendants of both outlaws and pioneers still live on. 


Tall tales around the campfire about the area's outlaw past are just another part of this memorable event. If this sounds like a good way to make some UTV memories of your own during the Labor Day holiday set for September 8-12, 2015, more details can be found here:

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