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February 13, 2015

DragonFire Has Heated Seat Pads! 

It is that time of year again! Punxsutawney Phil buried his head in the sand and we are looking at another six weeks of winter… minimum. However you don't have to be a ground hog and miss some prime UTV riding time, you just need to feel a little heat. Wait a minute, that is where DragonFire comes in! Our popular universal seats pads now have built-in heating elements to extend your season. 


Hard wire it into your rig or use the optional external battery pack for heat on the go, these heated seat pads are just what the doctor ordered for those winter rides. Available with a choice of all black or camo, these pads look like OEM accessories. If you do happen to live somewhere warmer and don't need a heating element, DragonFire pads can also extend the time you spend in the saddle.


No matter how much of a diehard enthusiast you may be, stock seats can be a pain in the posterior! It doesn't matter who you ask, a little comfort goes a long way, so count on DragonFire to cover your… um, offer an expanded range of seating options! In addition to our popular line-up of HighBack seats, DragonFire universal seat pads provide unmatched comfort without becoming a pain in your… wallet.


Be vewwy vewwy quiet, Nick is hunting for a DragonFire Seat Pad

These cushions start with a super comfy layer of gel padding between you and the seat, while the heavy duty canvas covers make for superior durability. Easily detachable and totally portable, they can be taken with you to the tree stand, duck blind or cheap seats at the UTV World Championships to keep you comfortable just about anywhere. 


Nobody likes a numb bum, cracked coccyx or sore sciatic nerve, so hunt down one of DragonFire's plush gel pads. Better yet, get the heated version so that you can literally… "Feel The Heat" with DragonFire!

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