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November 19, 2014

DragonFire's Black Belt Program   

Ever see the classic karate cult movie Enter The Dragon with Bruce Lee? DragonFire has its own black belt program and we are ready to kick some serious butt! In the martial arts world, a "black belt" denotes a level of expertise. When it comes to safety equipment, DragonFire is a master of the art of belts. 

From our 4-point restraints for recreational use to our 5-point full competition harnesses, DragonFire is proud to provide the best belts in the business. But just like karate or judo, there is always a higher grade to aspire to. Appropriately enough, all of our belt options now feature black hardware. Function and style come together perfectly as the e-dipped black enamel coating keeps rust and corrosion from becoming an issue on the metal pieces found on all DragonFire harnesses. 

Also bolstering DragonFire's black belt program is the addition of plush memory foam padding for the shoulder straps. While the closed cell memory foam padding adds an unsurpassed level of comfort, it also increases the longevity of the harness, offering a much longer lifespan than the previous padding. As always, DragonFire offers many options to fit your needs, either in 2" or 3" wide strap options and 4- or 5-point configurations. 


However, we can go one better than the legendary Bruce Lee in the belt department since we offer more than just a black belt! In some of the martial arts, very senior grades will get colored belts. Same for DragonFire: we carry a wide variety of options to match your OEM color schemes. When it comes time to get belted, go with DragonFire, the black belts in the harness business and… Feel The Heat! 


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