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June 25, 2014

Door Kits For Can-Am's Maverick Max & Commander Max


What's the only thing better than a couple of DragonFire's new doors? How about 4 doors! That's right, we are doubling up on the door offerings we have for Can-Am Side-X-Sides by adding our HiBoy door kits for the Maverick Max and Commander Max models.

Rhetorical questions aside, the correct answer is always DragonFire. Although we like to race and recreate as much as the next guy, we are very serious about being known as the leaders in Side-X-Side parts and accessories business. Crawling around the slick rock at Moab and the long weekends at Glamis are just some of the sacrifices we make to ensure everything we produce is the best it can possibly be. Our Locked & Secured HiBoy Doors are a true testament to this philosophy. 

The prototypes passed all the torture testing we could throw at them with flying colors! Our Can-Am door kits have been engineered to the highest possible standards and specifically tailored to these vehicles. One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to developing doors that look like they came as original equipment from Can-Am.

Featuring all steel frames with aluminum skins, true slam-shut automotive-style latches, integrated locking mechanisms, limit straps and much more, DragonFire doors live up to their "Locked & Secured" name. Although it takes considerably more engineering, field testing and manufacturing time to make doors the DragonFire way, the outcome is a superior functioning and looking design.


It is a sure bet that doubling up on DragonFire doors will make Maverick Max 

and Commander Max owners twice as happy!

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