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DragonFire's HighBack Hot Seats

June 06, 2014

DragonFire has just the thing to beat the June gloom! Upgrade your UTV to our HighBack seats and we will have you sitting pretty this summer. Whether it is racing or recreating, we have found nothing matches DragonFire's HighBack seats.


However one size does not fit all, so we have expanded our range to meet any need, including the new XL models for waist sizes 40" and over. Big or small, all of our seats are built with our racing heritage in mind, featuring a true bucket-style frame so riders sit "in" the seat as opposed to being perched "on" the seat. Ultimately this gives you more control over the UTV since you no longer have to brace yourself while driving.


Using a race-inspired suspension webbing, our seats also offer great impact protection. The combination of impact protection and comfort make it possible to have more fun in the cockpit and take longer rides without worrying about fatigue or being sore — try that with some of the seats out there that feel like vinyl-cover bricks!


In addition to comfort, safety and security are critically important, so all of DragonFire's HighBack seats have been slotted for use with harnesses — and don't forget, DragonFire also offers Harnesses, including the new pink    colorway and 5-point SFI-approved competition belt set-ups.


From full-blown racer to weekend warrior, DragonFire has got your backside covered! Time to Feel The Heat and burn off the June Gloom!

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