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April 23, 2013

Although secrecy remains tight, sources embedded in DragonFire HQ have revealed that Project X3 will be equipped with a 3” lift kit. “This is another first from DragonFire,” confirms DragonFire’s public information officer Chris Moore. “Our engineers have found a way to push the limits of lift while still retaining a comfortable ride.”

Built to handle the brutal punishment of off-road driving, all components of this kit are made in house right here in the USA. Designed for use with stock or aftermarket shocks, this kit is versatile enough to go from mild to wild! “On Project X3 we are running the new lift kit with our DragonFire ProSpec shocks by Elka,” states Moore.

“This combination works well on all terrain from asphalt to mud and water,” he adds. “It is perfect for X3’s intended mission.” However when pressed for details of exactly what this intended mission might be, Moore would only say, “Tune into Destination Polaris to see this kit get put through the paces.”

Technical specs we have been able to ascertain include the fact that DragonFire lift kits start with economical and bullet-proof drop brackets. A full 3” of lift makes it possible to run tires in excess of 28” and the kit is compatible with both stock and high performance aftermarket options such as the ProSpec Elka shock pictured here.

Additional intelligence dossiers and more details on the Destination Polaris program, including the air date for the DragonFire X3 episode can be found at the website.

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