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DragonFire Unveils Top Secret ExoFrame

April 30, 2013

Project X3 Gets Bulletproof Protection

Security clearance has been issued from DragonFire HQ to reveal some more sensitive data regarding Project X3. The new vehicle will be unveiled in its entirety on Fox Sports Network in June, and this latest intel indicates the X3 has a pretty serious mission statement.

“When it comes to venturing off-road, proper protection is about as important as having fuel,” states DragonFire’s liaison officer Chris Moore. “For this mission, DragonFire has stepped out from our usual way of looking at things to aggressively address the concept of exoskeleton protection.”

A protective “ExoFrame” carapace has been engineered to protect vulnerable body panels on the X3. “It offers a level of protection that is perfect for bashing through the woods, scraping over rocks, and just about anything else you can throw at it,” explains Moore. “I hesitate to use the word bulletproof, but our ExoFrame will certainly stand up to the rigors of extreme off-road use.”

“Simple, clean and strong, DragonFire’s ExoFrame protection provides piece of mind and a true sense of security,” concludes agent Moore. More information about Destination Polaris, including the air date for the DragonFire X3 episode, can be found at the website.

Meanwhile, keep watching this space as our undercover operatives dig up more details regarding Project X3.

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