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DragonFire Sets The Bar Higher, Literally

May 21, 2013

LockDown Status For Project X3

DragonFire’s top secret Project X3 build for Destination Polaris continues, but security remains tight around DragonFire HQ. In fact, they are on total LockDown… literally. The latest leak from the fortress is that Project X3 has been equipped with DragonFire’s proprietary LockDown harness bar and belt kit.

“Not all UTVs come complete with 4-point harnesses or even offer the ability to mount a set of proper restraints,” says DragonFire’s liaison officer Chris Moore. “When it comes to extreme duty, security and safety go hand and hand. One way to achieve this is to install 4-point harnesses.” But what do you do if there is no place to mount proper harnesses? “You call on DragonFire! We have developed a clean, simple and effective LockDown harness bar that facilitates mounting 4-point belts securely and in the correct location.”

Utilizing laser-cut brackets for optimum precision, DragonFire’s engineering team was able to make this system bolt directly into the OEM mounting points, making installation a snap. Add an upward arch for proper harness placement and DragonFire’s signature harness keeper hoops and is a system that exceeds factory specs for fit and finish. “When we first started designing the ReadyForce™ rig, we knew the LockDown harness bar and belt kit was an essential upgrade.”

The race-inspired 1.5” steel tube design offers an added measure of security. “In the case of our ReadyForce™ Project X3, the LockDown system makes this rig the right tool for the job… whatever that job might be,” concludes Moore.

For those of you hunting for the Destination Polaris TV show, it is now on Fox Sports. The show reaches more than 70 million homes each Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and re-airs on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. (all times local). Fishing for more details about Destination Polaris? All the intel, including the air date for the DragonFire X3 episode, can be found at the website.

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