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DragonFire and the Nitro Circus Crew Rides with Utah’s Governor Jon Huntsman

August 12, 2009

Governor Jon Huntsman resigned from his position in Utah Yesterday.  He has accepted the position as the United States Ambassador to China.  To show thanks for the years of service and friendship, the Nitro Circus Crew and DragonFire Racing rode Motorcycles from the State Capital to the Governor’s Mansion, providing him a true escort in his last day of office.  Todd Romano, Andy Bell, Travis Pastrana and Greg Godfrey we just a few of the select few who were part of this day.

As the 21 gun salute sent us on our way, the New Ambassador to China followed on his Harley Davidson, as the Dirt Bikes up front pulled Wheelies out of the state capital and down the city streets of Salt Lake City.  We want to thank the Governor for all his support and will see him in China when Andy Bell back flips his big wheel over the Great Wall.

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