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Dragonfire’s New Gauge Pod Looks Like it Came With Your UTV

June 09, 2010
DragonFire Racing Billet Gauge Pod

DragonFire Racing Billet Gauge Pod

The thing about the new Dragonfire Billet Gauge Pod and Mount is that once you’ve followed the simple instructions and mounted this gem on your UTV, it looks like it was installed at the factory. You’re not going to be cutting up the stock plastics on your interior or slapping down something that just screams “Add On!”

Nope. This solid billet CNC aluminum pod will give your UTV a professional, high-performance look, and the modular pieces make it easy to install with just a few tools and a few minutes of your time. The housing features a black anodized surface and is post-CNC machined to remove weight and give the unit a contrasting look.

The DFR Billet Gauge Pod and Mount is custom made for DragonFire’s handsome, rugged and easy-to-read gauges, featuring a tough Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) case that was designed to withstand all the abuse a UTV (and driver) go through day in and day out.

Dragonfire Billet Gauge Mount

Dragonfire Billet Gauge Mount

This combination plate of pod, mount and gauge is guaranteed to put up with all the bumping, bouncing, heat, cold and off-road torture you can toss its way. Gauges available from DragonFire include a water temperature gauge, voltmeter and fuel gauge, and an oil temperature gauge.

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