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DragonFire Racing’s William Yokley Wins His Second GNCC UTV Championship

November 02, 2010


DragonFire Racing-sponsored driver William Yokley finished 11th overall and 9th in the Open Modified UTV division of the 2010 Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series last week at Crawfordsville, IN, which was enough to earn him his second National Championship for Polaris in GNCC’s Open Modified UTV division.

To say Yokley had an interesting UTV race would be an understatement. The DragonFire Racing-sponsored driver was leading in the GNCC season points standings for Open Modified UTV division and only needed to finish in the top 10 to clinch the championship. Fortunately, Polaris Program Leader Kevin McNutt was his passenger, a man who has proven to be a big asset to the Yokley Racing team with his knowledge and experience.

The National Guard DragonFire Polaris RZR got a good start, going into the woods in 3rd place. Yokley and McNutt were having a great time battling with other top contenders, with all three of the top teams swapping the lead back and forth. However, on the third lap, Yokely noticed that the steering wheel was coming loose with the hold-down bolts backing out before his eyes.

Things didn’t get better with every bump until the wheel nearly came off. Yokley and McNutt pulled into their pit area and got a ratchet and socket to tighten it down. Yokley said the bolts had worn the loose steering wheel to the point where they wouldn’t stay tight. The solution? As the team raced through the cornfields, McNutt would hand Yokley the ratchet so he could retighten the bolts on the move. You talk about multitasking!

Despite the time lost in the pits and fiddling around with the steering wheel on the run, the team finished in 9th place in the Open Modified class — good enough to secure a second National Championship for Polaris in the Open Modified UTV division.

The Yokley Racing Team plans to rest up a bit before it starts preparations for a winning 2011 season. The team would like to thank all of its sponsors and fans for their generous support this season, as well as the great job that the Racer Production crew does with the GNCC Series.

DragonFire Racing parts used by Yokley to win the 2010 GNCC Open Modified UTV championship included:

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