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Kyle Melville’s Race Win Makes You the Winner

March 17, 2011


The way we figure it, when Kyle wins, everybody wins. DFR-sponsored driver Kyle Melville took first place in the SuperStock UTV class at the 2011 Cal City 100 last month on DragonFire Racing suspension and we were so stoked, we decided to celebrate the win by offering that same suspension kit to all of you — our customers — for a huge discount.

Just how huge a discount, you ask? How about a $559.99 savings on our Black Magic Polaris Ranger RZR Suspension Plus-6 Long Travel? This is a state-of-the-art suspension system that features lightweight chromoly-plated boxed A-arms, 300M axles and Fox coilover shocks. The suspension travel is more than 13 inches per kit and this is a replacement kit. It uses remote rear and front shock towers to bring you the proper shock ratios and structural support that you’ll need for the increased travel.

So, thanks again Kyle — for providing us with some pretty exciting rain-soaked racing in mid-February. The Cal City competition, which was produced by Alta Vista Events and is part of the Super Course Series, was a 100-mile race made up of four 25-mile laps. The win firmly established Kyle as a top contender in 2011.

And if you’re interested in joining Kyle in the winner’s circle and pick up the RZR Long Travel Suspension Kit for nearly $560 off the regular price, you should know that the deal is only available by phone. Call us at 1-866-926-6169 and tell whoever answers the phone that you’re interested in the “Kyle Melville Special.”

[Connor Melville@ 5/23/2011 12:38:00 PM]
Haha i just saw this after soooo long. Good job Kyle
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