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Performance or Beauty? DFR Has a Sale on Both

May 13, 2011

We’re currently holding a sale on a pair of our most popular products, but we don’t want you to panic when we tell you that “currently” means “until supplies run out.” Again, no panic, but we have absolutely no idea when the inventory will run out. We’re thinking better to order now than never, but it’s really up to you.

Kawasaki Teryx Slip-On Exhaust

Kawasaki Teryx Slip-On Exhaust

First off, we’ve got the Kawasaki Teryx Slip-On Exhaust, which is one of the first things drivers usually purchase to add performance to their UTV. We’re selling them for $249.99, which is a $275 savings off the usual $524.99 price tag. Again, act fast!

And to complicate your addiction to power, we’re suggesting you also purchase a DFR Intake system and DFR Clutch kit for a killer performance boost with a low price tag.

Designed for the Teryx 750, the DFR Slip-On Exhaust bolts-into-place allowing more air flow, which translates into better performance. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to add some major juice to your ride — even without the sale price. Best yet, you can do the switchout yourself in less than an hour with a standard/metric wrench or socket set.

Next on the sales list is our cooler than cool DFR Graphics Packages for Rhino, RZR and Teryx. Now available at the lowest price ever (all kits are just

DFR Graphics Packages for Rhino, RZR and Teryx

DFR Graphics Packages for Rhino, RZR and Teryx

$199.99), these are complete graphic packages with decals for the hood, fenders and sides. Made of super thick and tough vinyl with 3M adhesive, these kits will not only stay in place but they’ll take a beating and still look good. Simple to install on any factory plastic kit. And they’re ideal for a UTV that’s been out on the trail for awhile and has suffered a variety of scratches or blemishes. Many different color options are available. But like we said before, you best order now while supplies last.

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