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DFR Takes the Hassle and Cost Out of Buying an OHV Use Permit

May 17, 2011
California Nonresident OHV (off-highway vehicle) Use Permit

Calif. Nonresident OHV (off-highway vehicle) Use Permit

Got some friends coming in from out of state to participate in a little off-road recreation? Just in case you didn’t know it, those friends are probably going to need a California Nonresident OHV (off-highway vehicle) Use Permit before they head out for some dune bashing, mud bogging or riverbed exploring.

Basically, the OHV is a sticker that gives you the “license” to ride off-road in the Golden State. So if you’re visiting from another state and your vehicle doesn’t have a current registration from your home state, you must purchase this use permit before you can run off-road on public lands. Before you ask, a title sticker or title plate is not considered registration.

And, of course, the good news is DragonFire Racing is the perfect place to purchase these annual OHV permits for non-residents — in particular those folks in the East Valley of Arizona. This permit is required for out-of-state residents who like to do their riding in the sand dunes at Glamis, as well as Butter Cup and all the other popular riding areas in California. The license is good for a year, and we’ll be happy to mail you one before dune season gets underway.

Normally, a visitor would have to go through the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division to get this permit, or wait in line at a “track” and likely pay a hefty premium “at the gate.” But with DFR, you’re essentially pre-ordering your pass — not unlike getting a pre-ordered lift pass or fishing pass. The 2011 nonresident permits are valid from the day of purchase through Dec. 31, 2011.

A parking pass alone through California is $90, so this is a great deal. Save time and money— buy your parts from us to get ready for the ride — and buy your pass from us so you can ride. For details, visit the DFR California Nonresident OHV webpage.

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