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Our Welders Put the Heat On Style and Performance

June 10, 2011
Welding at DragonFire Racing

Welding at DragonFire Racing

The one thing you don’t want in the middle of an airborne flight is for a weld to break on your off-road vehicle. Watching your bumper fly past you in mid-air can be unsettling at best.

That’s why we step up the interview process a notch when we go searching for welders to install our products. We want professionals. And with Zach Bredeson and Dustin Mayer, we got the best. Both of these DragonFire welders are not only veterans in their vocation, they’re very active in the sport and only work on off-road products.

DragonFire Racing’s headquarters in Mesa, Ariz., features a state-of-the-art fabrication and R&D shop, and that’s where you can find this helmeted pair on any given workday. Zach and Dustin do everything from prototyping new gear to creating full-production equipment for DragonFire’s long list of off-road products.

Whether you need a new cage or bumper, our fulltime welders have the know-how to get the job done and get it done to your satisfaction. And because of their combined years of experience, there are few welding tasks these two can’t overcome.

Recent examples of their work include DFR’s doors and new harness bars, and the pair are working hard on three new bolt-on RZR cage accessories that will soon arrive at an off-road shop near you.

If you find yourself in the Mesa, Ariz., area, stop by and watch Zach and Dustin at work in the shop. The combination of hot welding guns, no air conditioning and the Arizona sun adds new meaning to the term DragonFire.

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