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2012 DragonFire Catalog is Too Hot to Handle

September 22, 2011

Click above for a copy of the 2012 DragonFire Racing Catalog

Click above for a copy of the 2012 DragonFire Racing Catalog

We’re calling our just-published 2012 product catalog Feel the Heat, and DragonFire Racing released this archive of awesome accessories at the recent Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, Calif., where copies flew out of our booth like they were free — which, of course, they were.

At 52 pages, all in brilliant color, the new catalog is more than double the size of the largest catalog we’ve produced to date. Best yet, it’s available — yes, for free — in two parts as a PDF download. Just visit to access the catalog for yourself.

If your nature is more tactile and you feel a need to be able to actually touch pages, you can request a hard copy of the 2012 DragonFire Racing catalog by visiting our offices in Mesa, Ariz., or calling us at (800) 708-9803. Or, we suppose, you could print out the PDF, but that’s going to take a lot of ink.

But once this beauty is in your hands — or on your computer screen — the first thing you’re going to think is, “Boy, those guys at DragonFire Racing sure have some good magazine designers on staff.” That’s because there are hundreds of photographs of UTVs in the desert, UTVs in the air, and UTVs in the forest.

And parts. Lots of parts. All accompanied by descriptions about what the product does and how it’s attached. The catalog starts out, appropriately enough, with a history of the company. That’s followed by our newest/hot products. Other sections of the catalog include:

  • Safety — Restraints, seats, doors, cages and bumpers
  • Clutching — Clutch kits, drive belts, OD plates, components, tools, etc.
  • Motor — Big bore kits, pistons, gaskets, cams, rockers, heads, etc.
  • Suspension — Long travel kits, replacement arms/shocks, axles, EPS, etc.
  • Exhaust — Systems for RZR XP, RZR/S/4, Commander and Tyrex
  • Lighting — LED and HID lighting options
  • Air Intake — FireBreather Intake Kits and air filter replacements
  • Accessories — DragonSkins (DFR’s new custom number plate system), billet, mirrors, windshields, silicone hoses, etc.

So go online at or give us a call at (800) 708-9803 and we’ll fix you up with our new, full-color catalog for 2012.

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