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DragonFire Gets Into Some Early Sand at Glamis

December 01, 2011

The crew here at DragonFire Racing — including some of our sponsored riders — loaded up around Halloween and headed out west for the first of what will be many Glamis Dune trips this season.

For more than three decades, off-road enthusiasts have been making annual treks to the legendary Glamis Sand Dunes in California. And why wouldn’t they? Riding at this sandy destination must be like what it felt to those buggy-riding astronauts on the moon. Only this is much closer and you don’t have to fiddle with that pesky lack-of-gravity thing.

This infamous ATV/UTV sand dune destination is the largest in California, extending for more than 40 miles along the eastern edge of the Imperial Valley’s agricultural region. And what Glamis offers is endless riding for all skill sets. Just getting started at this UTV thing? There’s plenty of beginning trails and hills. Been around the sand box a few times? Let us introduce you to our best friend — China Wall.

We brought out some of our finest cars, with an 840 Teryx sporting our Factory Long Travel Kit and a RZR 800 decked out top to bottom with DragonFire products. Our racing team members ditched the knobby tires for paddles and set out with us, making for a flotilla of seven cars.

After a full two days of riding, camping and good times, we got some great photos and video — all of which will end up being our 2012 Dune video, a sequel to last year’s hit.

One of the biggest kicks we get out of these trips is meeting new people and showing off our gear. So hit us up next time you’re heading to Glamis. We’d love to join you!

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