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FOUR MORE HINTS AT PROJECT X: Another Sneak Peak At The New Destination Polaris Rig

July 18, 2012

Here is another hint as to what DragonFire has cooked up for the Project X rig that will be featured on Destination Polaris this season. Actually, here are 4 hints of what you will see when the TV show airs on Outdoor Channel in just 4 weeks. Instead of just another hot rod RZR like last season’s Project 955 X, we wanted to branch out beyond our racing roots and come up with a really adventurous angle, hence the incorporation of our all-new HiBoy doors. Highlights of the HiBoys include automotive-type latches with built-in locking mechanisms, steel frames and aluminum skins for added durability, captured bullet-style pins and even adjustable limiting straps. The specialized bend and design of the doors makes for maximum cockpit room, minimizing pilot and passenger contact with the doors. Best of all, the captured hinge design enables you to completely remove each door from the frame to make life easy when it comes to cleaning or working on your RZR. More details will be forthcoming on our website for both the HiBoy and LowBoy style doors just as soon as the TV episode airs in August. In the meantime, if you must know more, check out our Facebook page for some more detailed photography of the pre-production prototypes that were being fabricated a couple of weeks ago:

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