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LED Dome Light Kit Details

January 22, 2013

Off-Road Light Bars

Our “night rider” Facebook contest was a huge success. Congratulations to the crew from Off-Road Light Bars, Alfredo Rojas and Brett Hunsaker for winning the popular ballot and getting free Removable LED Dome Light Kits. Although we had originally posted there would be one winner for our Facebook contest last week, response was so great, not to mention some pretty stunning entries, that the crew here at DragonFire decided to present awards to the top three in this competition. We enjoy competitions like this and want to make sure we keep it as a level playing field for all. Keep riding and taking pictures/video… you never know when it might come in handy for the next swag awards like the Dome Light Kits.

Speaking of the LED Dome Lights, this really has been one of our brighter ideas, but it did occur to us that we might have been a bit light on the details of the light kits themselves, so a press release is going out to the UTV media types to shed a little light on the subject. In typical DragonFire fashion, our Dome Light Kit was over-engineered from the start! High intensity LED bulbs and a stainless spring steel mounting bracket were just the starting point for this over-the-top lighting set-up.

Alfredo Rojas

The 304 stainless steel mounting basket that attaches to almost any 1½” -2” diameter cage tube. Low profile zip ties secure the mount to the cage tube with no need for welding or wrenches. The light itself is battery powered, so there is no need to worry about trying to tie into the electrical system or run wiring throughout the cockpit. The best part of this whole set-up is the light slides in and out of the mount with ease, making it not only a great dome light but also a portable hand held work light as well. Our multi-function LED light features a flood light top portion, side spot flashlight, magnetic backing and even a useful pop-out hanging hook. Don’t leave your friends, family or yourself in the dark again!

For all the details regarding DragonFire’s bright idea dome light, click here:

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Brett Hunsaker



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