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DragonFire Racing Finishes Top 10 At The Mint 400

March 15, 2016

DragonFire Racing's Queen Of The Desert Lacrecia Beurrier Is The Best In The Desert, literally. Last year she clinched the BITD Pro Unlimited Championship with a win at the infamous Vegas To Reno race… the longest, toughest off-road race in America. She not only beat the odds at V2R, she doubled down by winning the 545-mile race and locking up the 2015 BITD title. That was then… this season has her hitting a string of bad luck, but she is hoping for a reversal of fortune. On the eve of this pivotal event, we asked her about her bid for win #4 at The Mint 400.


The Mint 400 festivities actually began on Wednesday before the race for the AZ West/Rockstar Racing/DragonFire team. “My son, Trevor and I were scheduled to be in the 4 Wheel Parts Procession down Las Vegas Blvd. just like the original Mint 400 races back in the 1960s-70s,” she says. All makes of race vehicles lined up 2 x 2 to head down the Strip led by one of the most famous off racers known, Rod Hall. “Thousands of off road fans lined the strip as we passed by. It was really awesome to share the nostalgia of the Mint 400 with my son.” 


Thursday night brought the pit crew challenge and the crowning of Miss Mint… and more duties for the 3X Mint 400 winner. “I was invited to sit with the Rugged Radios team and sign autographs for the hundreds of fans that had arrived. I had a great time meeting all the awesome people that love to watch us race!”


Friday morning would bring tech and contingency down the fabulous Fremont Street. “The street was lined with vendors and fans all cheering us on as we passed by.” Miss DragonFire joined Lacrecia pushing the RZR through tech, creating a couple of photo opportunities. “Tech went easily and we loaded the 1924 Pro Production Polaris RZR 1000 into the trailer and headed out to the track for the pre-dawn start.”



The crew went over a few minor details with the car and most of the racers tried to catch a few winks before race day that began at 4 am. “With excitement coursing through my veins I strapped into the car next to my good friend and co-driver for the day, Preston Alexus. We drew a 6th place start behind the Turbo class. The cold or race day jitters had my hands shaking as we waited for our turn to hit the desert. All the jitters went away as the light turned green and we were off to race my favorite race of the season!”


The first lap was going well as Lacrecia passed many of the Turbo cars and tucked in behind the 1999 for most of the lap. “Just before the Fox Proving Grounds, the car was difficult to drive. At first I thought we may have broken a steering box, but turned out we had a broken rear axle. Knowing we were not far from the main pit I held on tight and took it in for an axle change. The crew made short work of it and in no time we back on track.”


On the track and into more problems. “As luck would have it, trying to dodge all the rocks I took one to the passenger rear and flatted the tire. Preston jumped out and gave us the fastest tire change ever! Back on track we knew we had some time to make up. On the dry lake bed we had that Queen Racing motor screaming — 82MPH and climbing is what my co-driver read from the GPS!”


With Lacrecia finding her groove again, the rest of the second lap went well. “We were making up time and had moved back into the top 15. The track was rough and though the plan was for me to ironman the race, I was beginning to have second thoughts. Preston said, ‘nope, we aren’t getting out. We got this.’ So we rallied and took off on our third and final lap.”


According to the crew, the #1924 RZR was only 8 minutes behind 5th place. “Our new goal was to catch 5th place and then make a run for the podium,” she says. “I drove my heart out and chased down several more racers before getting stuck behind a Trophy Lite that refused to get out of our way. Preston said to stay on him and push him. We did. We had him driving so hard he was out of control, bicycling in corners and all over the track in the whoops!”


The track flattened out and the Trophy Lite was able to get away in a straight away. “With that 5th place car still on our minds we kept on our blistering pace.” Just before Pit B the crew radioed #1924 to let Lacrecia and Preston know that the Trophy trucks had left the starting line and were headed their way. That is enough to get your heart started!


“We knew that we would not be able to make the finish line before the Trophy Trucks caught us. They came up fast, helicopters leading their way.  As if being on the track with them were not frightening enough, they were nerfing us!”


Although they were polite about it, not slamming us and pushing us off the track, being nerffed by a Trophy truck is not a comfortable feeling. Having to pull over and let them go by slowed us down tremendously. I have never been so happy to see the finish line. 


Despite the busted axle, flat tire and Trophy Truck travails the team still finished 10th in the Pro UTV class. “Not the finish we were hoping for, but still a solid finish. My pit crew was never better and my co-driver did a great job of pushing me and keeping my head in the game when the unlimited cars had me wanting to quit. Thank you to all our sponsors that make us winners! See you next time!”



14th overall 1970 Russell Griffen – Polaris – 7th UTV Pro

20th overall 1924 Lacrecia Beurrier 10th UTV Pro


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