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August 17, 2016

Mid-Season Recap


Just like school kids, DragonFire race teams get the summer months off from both the Lucas Oil Regional Series in Arizona and Southern California as well as the Best In The Desert Series. But now that summer vacation is over, it is time to take to the track and school the competition again! In a rare opportunity for many of DragonFire top teams, Bobby VanBeekum and Lacrecia Beurrier will be contesting The Best In The Desert Vegas To Reno along with Corry Weller and even Jimmy Keys and Russell Griffin all the way from the Rally Raid UTV endurance series in Alabama.



The Lucas Oil Arizona Series so far:

Round 1 Weller 2nd (just behind Yamaha teammate Dustin Nelson)

                Ken Benson 3rd

                Bobby VanBeekum 6th


Round 2 

            Bobby VanBeekum 1st

            Corry Weller 6th

            Ken Benson 7th


Round 3

            Corry Weller 1st

            Ken Benson 7th

            Bobby VanBeekum 10th


Round 4

            Bobby VanBeekum 2nd

            Ken Benson 4th

            Corry Weller 6th


Round 5&6 DragonFire Rumble After Dark

            Corry Weller 4th


Round 7

            Corry Weller 2nd

            Ken Benson 4th

            Bobby VanBeekum 12th



Weller Recap: A Tale Of Two Seasons

Rounds 1-4 of Corry Weller's Arizona campaign were covered in the blog earlier, but we missed rounds 4-5 at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, AZ for Rounds 5 and 6 of the Lucas Oil Regional Arizona Series. With some track changes and new dirt, Corry says this weekend was a lot of fun and made for some great racing!



“Our Yamaha YXZR is really dialed in, so qualifying went as good as it could go for us, as we pulled off the fastest lap of the session by almost half of a second over second place,” says the Yamaha/Weller Racing/DragonFire pilot. “Everything felt perfect, so we made no adjustments for the actual race.


My spotter drew a 0 for the inversion, which put me on the pole for the start of the race.  When the flag dropped, I got into an early lead and hammered down from there, just working on my lines and seeing how the track was developing for the important drive after the mandatory caution.

It didn’t take long for my fellow Yamaha racer Dustin Nelson to work his way into second place behind me, and on the restart he got a jump on the flag and pushed me out from the inside of turn one to take the lead. I knew I was faster than him, however, and stayed on him until I could take the lead back in the same turn on the next lap.  Using the same move he put on me, I took the lead back from him and led the entire rest of the race to the checkers, taking another win in the Production 1000 class!  I was happy to see Nelson take 2nd place, making it another 1-2 Yamaha podium for Round 5!”


The next day for Round 6 qualifying for Production 1000 went just as well as the night before. "I burned the fastest lap of the field once again!  My spotter drew a 0 for the inversion again, which would put me on the pole for this race as well!


I had a great start at the green flag, and jumped into the lead early.  My YXZ was handling so well, and I was able to run my lines and keep that lead until the mandatory caution. On the restart, after some pretty aggressive moves, Nelson got past me and I ran him on his bumper as hard as I could without taking him out.  I knew his YXZ wasn’t handling the corners as well as mine was, so I didn’t want to get inside him and push him out in the wrong corner, and cause him to wreck, but I couldn’t get close enough in the only turn I could really push him out safely, so I stayed right on his bumper hoping he would make a mistake.  We crossed the checker .001 seconds apart, and I took 2nd after a really close, really fun race.  With another YXZ taking 3rd, this made for a 1-2-3 Yamaha podium sweep!


The Production 1000 class is tricky for me, because Nelson and I are so close in speed that the only way either of us can pass the other is by moving the other driver out of the way.  I want to win, more than anything….but, I also want to be sure Yamaha always has that 1-2 spot on the podium!  More than anything, however, I hope we are giving the fans a great show, and selling a lot of Yamahas and sponsor products!”

“After Round #5 we have a break from the Lucas Oil Regional Series until September 16-17th for rounds 8-9 of the Gears & Glory 9/11 Memorial Race, so Jason and I headed to the midwest to race my Yamaha YXZ in the new Pro Stock UTV classes that have been added to the TORC Series, complete with TV highlights and live action feed!”

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