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December 29, 2015

DragonFire Changing Lives & Making Memories In Baja

“The UTV lifestyle is all about enjoying family and friends,” says DragonFire Sales & Marketing Manager Megan Dible. “We are always looking for ways to help people make some memories, especially during the holidays.” However this year, Megan wanted to make some life-changing memories for some less fortunate families. 

Teaming up with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), DragonFire’s boss lady went to Baja to build “Homes of Hope” during the holidays. In less than two days, the team of volunteers built three homes for some less fortunate families. Homes of Hope Mexico celebrated 25 years of building homes for the poor in Mexico this year, all made possible by donations of money, material and most importantly YWAM volunteers willing to put in the time to totally transform an entire family’s life. Talk about #MAKINGMEMORIES!

YWAM was founded by Loren Cunningham in 1960 when he envisioned a world map with waves crashing onto the continents, advancing inland until all the nations were covered. As he watched, the waves became young people of all races. He saw the youth were going from house to house, helping the lonely and the hungry, and caring for people everywhere they went. YWAM San Diego/Baja was started in October 1991 by Sean and Janet Lambert. Their vision was to mobilize groups that wanted to come to Mexico and beyond to serve the needs of the poor, both practically and spiritually.

Megan’s journey began in San Diego on Friday December 4th where she met up with the rest of the Homes of Hope group. In addition to DragonFire, there were approximately 35 individuals from several different companies spread across the country participating in the build. After checking in, the group boarded a bus and headed for the border. “We arrived at the YWAM San Antonio Del Mar Campus in Tijuana, Mexico, where we were greeted by the YWAM Staff and given background on their organization,” she explains. “After orientation at the Del Mar campus we loaded back on the buses and headed to Ensenada Base Camp for dinner. This is where we would start and end each day with breakfast and dinner provided by an amazing kitchen staff.”

Day 1 – Started at 7:00 am: After breakfast each of the three teams headed out for a 30-minute bus ride to the remote build sites. At the sites, there was a concrete slab, a pile of dry wall, siding, 2x4s, buckets of nails and other basic equipment — that’s it. Each group was introduced to the family they were building the home for (the Homes of Hope Mexico program requires the family to have a percentage of ownership in their land and participate in the build. “Our family was amazing... and they really needed our help,” adds Megan (link here: 

“While I knew the family was living in a makeshift house, I was not prepared for what I saw,” she says. “Their home was 8x8 feet made of tarps and branches. The kitchen was just a small makeshift grille. There was a white 50 gallon barrel that was their water supply for 2 weeks, and with no running water there wasn’t a restroom or even a place to wash your hands.”


“We were quickly separated into teams — one for framing, one for trusses and one for painting,” she explains. “I was a part of the framing team. Never having framed before I looked to our ‘A’ builder Yvonne for guidance and instruction. Before you knew it, our team of amateurs had built four walls, including a door and two windows... all before lunch!”


As each team was busy getting their piece of the project done, the neighbors came out to help where they could. With all the helping hands, the volunteers were able to raise the walls just before lunch. “It was a very emotional experience for the family and our team. What we were there to do suddenly became a tangible reality... not just some well-wishes on a holiday card!”

Gumaro, the father was all smiles as he stood outside the house looking through the window as we raised the walls and started installing the trusses. Even though we didn’t speak the same language, everyone knew he was thinking: “I have a home for my children.” By the end of Day 1 we had four exterior walls, siding, two interior walls, a roof, drywall, door and windows installed. We left the build site around 4:30 and headed to base camp for dinner. Back at base camp the three teams shared stories of their progress.

Day 2 – Started the same as Day 1, with breakfast at base camp. Back at the build site it was time to complete the finish work. Our team had raised $1,500 in additional donations to take the family shopping. Four team members and the family headed out to Walmart. With the shopping team off to buy much needed food, clothing and some Christmas gifts, the rest of us dug our heels to get the home finished,

The family and neighbors had spent the evening and part of the morning painting the drywall, so the trim went up quickly both inside and out. As we were working we didn’t realize the shopping crew had returned and the entire community was busy at work on making our build team lunch. What an amazing gift this was for people who have so little to want to give to us. This was a very humbling moment.  



With the house complete and beds, blankets, curtains, table, chairs and a stove in place, it was time to dedicate the home to the family. Each team member said a few words on what they got out of this experience. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! 


“I was given the privilege of giving the keys to Guarmo and his family. I went into this thinking that I was giving a gift to this family... but in actuality I was the one receiving the gift. This experience has impacted not just the life of the family that now has a place to call home, but each individual that participating in making this happen. I have left this experience humbled, appreciative, inspired, empowered, hopeful and more courageous!”



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