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December 16, 2015

Team DragonFire Dominates The Day


The final rounds of the Lucas Oil AZ Regionals proved to be one of the best races of the year, especially for Team DragonFire's HomeTown Heroes. DragonFire-sponsored athlete Ken Benson graciously opened his pits to all the employees as we held our very first ever "DragonFire Employee Race Day" with food and drinks as well as a special VIP section for the crew. The whole team loaded up and headed out to cheer on Team DragonFire's #HomeTownHeroes Ken, Hans Waage and Bobby van Beekum. 


You couldn’t ask for a better day to go racing with temps in the 80’s and nearly perfect track conditions. Ken lined up in the 4th spot in his DragonFire/Weller-built SR1 racer eager to take the green flag. It became apparent quickly that this was the last race of the season as the entire field let it all hang out. Battling in every corner Ken was right in the mix for the entire race keeping the DFR team on the edge of their seats. Ken worked his way into third and the top three started to pull away from the pack. The leaders were never more than a car length or two away from each other. Looking for a way to move forward, Ken missed a shift and dropped back. With fire in his eyes Ken put the hammer down and was able to catch the front-runners and come across the finish in a solid 3rd. 

Production 1000

Climbing into the DragonFire Maverick X ds 1000 Ken was chomping at the bit to put a year's worth of work to the test in the final round. At the green flag Ken found himself in the top 5 right away. Driving like a man possessed Ken was on a mission to get his Maverick to the front. The entire field was locked in a close battle and the slightest mistake meant you were losing more than one position. Ken ran a clean race pushing his way past racers at every opportunity. With less then 5 laps to go Ken capitalized on a mistake made by the car up front and found himself running for dear life to get out and away from the field. Holding off everyone until the midway caution. When the race went green again it was like starting all over and Ken had to try to run away once again. The top three cars were seconds away from each other by the white flag and Ken was still clutching onto his 1st place spot when seasoned short course racer Trisha Wright found an opening squeaking by Ken in the final few turns stealing away the win.


After a great day at the track, DragonFire employees were still riding the rush of short course racing as they said their goodbyes and headed home… everyone except Ken, that is. A racer side to the core, Ken was still out checking and re-checking his cars for the next day of racing. Without his full cheering section, Ken still put in a solid Sunday finishing 6th in the SR1 class and clinching third place in the championship and 2nd in the Production 1000 class.  

Meanwhile Robert van Beekum was class champion after a season of awesome racing. Robert wrapped up the season with a win on Sunday and the 2015 Production 1000 championship! Hans Waage finished 1-2 on the day and then donated his trophy to a little kid after the race. “A future racer was standing by the podium when I got down today, so I gave him my 2nd place trophy,” says Hans. “He then asked for one for his sister, so I gave him my 1st place from yesterday.” Class act by one of the true gentlemen of racing!


Thanks to all the DragonFire #HomeTownHeroes!

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