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DragonFire Teams Up With ASA To Kick-Off Dune Season At Camp RZR

November 05, 2015

There is nothing like Halloween in the world famous Glamis Sand Dunes! Thousands of UTVs pour into the California desert to celebrate this one-of-a-kind party! This year DragonFire was in the heart of the action all weekend long, splitting time between rides out to Competition Hill, the sand drags, Oldsmobile Hill, TerraCross, Camp RZR and most importantly at the American Sand Association display. From trick or treating, giveaways and exploring the dunes to full blown racing action, there was something for everyone.

DragonFire was based at the ASA booth, providing support and helping spread the word to help protect our right to ride. This subject is very near and dear to our hearts, so we once again have teamed up with ASA and RideNow to build a special Polaris RZR Turbo that will be raffled off at the 2016 Sand Sports Super Show. Emily, Miss DragonFire, worked the ASA display and we also brought down our ReadyForce Ranger Crew to pull stuff around and be on display for everyone to enjoy. 


The main objective of the ASA is to raise money to help prevent the Imperial Valley riding areas from being shut down. Because of their efforts, an additional 40,000 acres of riding recently opened back up, but there is still much more to do. DragonFire is happy to help support such a noble cause.  


Of course it wasn't all advocacy work! We also had DragonFire-sponsored athlete Lacrecia Beurrier representing the brand in the best way she knows, on the race track! Competing in the TerraCross Ladies class, Lacrecia stepped out of her comfort zone and into the extreme action of short course. Going out just for fun Lacrecia was dead set on putting on a show… and that she did! Putting her Polaris RZR on its lid a few times and mixing it up with some of the seasoned short-course vets, she had the crowd cheering her on and had a great time. 


Speaking of a great time, if you have never been out to Glamis and experienced one of the best riding areas in the world, we highly recommend it! In the meantime, be sure to check out the ASA to get a raffle ticket for the trick RZR Turbo and find out how you can help protect everyone's right ride for years to come. Huge thanks to Polaris and the Camp RZR staff for letting us be part of this epic event. We can't wait till next year! 



2015 Polaris Camp RZR TerraCross Championship Final Round

by Lacrecia Beurrier


The DragonFire/Rockstar/AZ West Racing team headed to Glamis for Halloween, not only to enjoy Camp RZR, but to race the final round of the TerraCross Championship. Having never raced anything like TerraCross before, there was a huge learning curve. Short course racing is nothing like desert racing!


At the drivers meeting on Friday morning, I had the opportunity to meet the other three awesome women drivers and received some much needed tips. We strapped in for practice and I was in awe looking up at the huge peaked jumps in front of me. “Just roll them all for a couple of laps” Crew Chief Eric said. I followed a few drivers that had gone over the track before and found the jumps I was comfortable with. The rest I would just continue rolling over.


Heat races began a little later than scheduled because of wild winds that kept Camp RZR from opening. Both heat races had to be run altogether with no breaks in between. My first heat race went pretty well. I followed as close behind the other women as I could and finished without incident. Crew Chief Eric said, “Ok, now get after it! Charge into the corners and floor it on every small straight you can.”

The second head race I tried to do as I was instructed and… perhaps a little too aggressively. We were pushing hard into the second corner like Eric said, but the ruts were deeper than my tires and I ended up on my side. Quickly the track workers flipped me over and I charged on trying to catch the other racers. As I swung into the turn just before the step down jump (my favorite, or the only one I felt comfortable jumping!) I was bicycling and hit a lump of sand that sent me all the way over onto my lid. They track workers again ran out, flipped me over and I was able to finish the heat. With my pride a little injured we went back to camp and began to plan for tomorrow’s last heat and final race.


Saturday started early with the driver’s meeting at 9:00am. With my confidence high from all the encouragement from my team, I went into the final heat thinking, “I got this”. I was informed that I was to have a co-driver for today and WORCS racing champ Cody Rahders, was kind enough to volunteer. We had no intercom and with my seat a lot more forward than his, we really had no communication. We took off knowing that he wouldn’t really be able to help me. 


We pushed and banged through the first corner. I was on the rear bumper of the car in front of me, but was going way too fast for the downhill jump that was in front me. Instead of hopping over and driving down, we sailed all the way down and landed hard on our lid. Making sure Cody was ok, we got out and found the car too broken to carry on. They picked it up with a crane and I returned to the team again with broken pride. The TerraCross crew said they would have the car repaired for the final round and told me to go take a break.


After the Polaris RZR Turbo 1000 give away at Camp RZR, we suited up for one more try at the ominous TerraCross Championship in the sand. Cody was brave enough to strap in with me once again and we lined up behind the other 3 women. I was hungry for a finish, but hoping I could somehow end up on the podium. The first half of the 1st lap went ok and I decided I was going to be brave and jump the downhill, blind finish line jump. I hit it a little too slow and we slammed into the smaller jump in the middle. Instantly I had a headache and decided to just try to finish this race on all 4. We ended up last, but at least with the rubber side down. 


It was such a great experience and I wish that I had more practice so that I could have been more competitive. I did give everyone a great show, I was told, and was asked to come back by the TerraCross crew! Thank you to TerraCross, DragonFire Racing and AZ West Allsports for putting me in the driver seat! We may be back someday. Make sure you check your local CBS listings for TerraCross Championship and watch all the exciting action!

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