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European Rally Racing Meets Baja

October 07, 2015

DragonFire/KeysCrete UTV Rally Raid Round #6 Recap  

Series regulars claim that UTV Rally Raid races are the most fun you can have with your clothes on! The naked truth is that it’s four hours of pure adrenaline! Think WRC Rally racing meets the Baja 1000. With laps up to 12 miles in length and pit stops these endurance races are unique in the Southeast. While DragonFire Racing-sponsored athlete Jimmy Keys cemented the championship in his KeysCrete QR1 Polaris RZR last season, he has been plagued by gremlins this year. However he managed to get things sorted out by round #6 and narrowly missed a podium position.


“It felt great not to have any issues with the car," says Jimmy. "We have been plagued with silly malfunctions this year, but we finally caught a break! Other than one flat, our car ran great all evening.” Setting some of the fastest lap times of the race was a bonus, but to finish first, you have to finish, first.


Racing against the clock for four hours in both daylight and darkness at high speeds takes its toll on man and machine… that is where DragonFire comes in. “Although all the DragonFire parts on our car work great, the standout has to be the front lower A-Arms,” claims Keys. “This was our eighth race with them and we haven’t had any failures yet! Great product!”


While the KeysCrete team was running well, it wasn't as easy as it looked. “Due to lack of rain in the area it was extremely dusty,” notes Jimmy. “A light rain wasn’t enough to knock the dust down. There were vision problems for the entire field for the first 2 hours.”



Track conditions were also a mixed bag. “The Short course section was well prepped,” he says. “However the woods section had not been touched which made for deep ruts and very deep silt in some sections.”


Despite the lack of vision and the flat tire, the KeysCrete team motored to a fine 4th place finish. “We will get 'em next time,” claims Jimmy.



Next Race on the UTV Rally Raid Schedule is set for November 14th at Hawk Pride raceway, Tuscumbia, Alabama. Get more details at
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