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May 22, 2015

The 2015 Rally On The Rocks was one for the record books! The DragonFire crew loaded up and made the trek out to the iconic slick rock of Moab, UT to take place in the biggest UTV rock crawling group ride in the country! This week long riding event had some unusual rainy weather for this time of year but even that wasn't enough to deter the hundreds of UTV enthusiast and vendors from coming out too enjoy all that Moab has to offer!



This event is unique in that riders of all skill sets can come out and pick trails based on difficulty. Rally On The Rocks provides trail guides, all of which are rock crawling experts. Guides will not push you into anything you don't want to do and they are always willing and able to give instruction on how to safely navigate the obstacles. That being said if you want to push the limits of yourself and machine the guides will not stop you from having fun! Most of the rides are sponsored by one of the many vendors at the event and lunch is provided on the trail making each ride a true memory building experience. 


DragonFire brought something special to this year’s event, a project car code named "Black Ops"! This wild RZR XP 1000 features a wrap done by our friends at Rhino Wraps that seems to be straight out of the future. This was very suiting considering that this car debuted two brand new products from DragonFire. First off the new EVO™ Harness by DragonFire was proudly on display, this new body contoured unified harness is truly the "evolution of harness technology" and it was put to use all weekend on the challenging trails. The Black Ops car also featured our new Defender SS Mirrors. These mirrors have a folding feature similar to highway vehicles on the road today with detents that allow the mirror to move out of the way and then return to the same location. This product was also tested severely on the trail, the tight squeezes found in Moab had the DragonFire crew glad that the mirror moved instead of braking when the rock walls got a little too close. Top it all off with tremendous power provided by the new DragonFire Performance Kit by Weller Racing our XP 1000 was able to make it over anything we pointed it at.


All in all the Rally On The Rocks is hands down the best way for UTV rock crawlers to go experience one of the best riding areas in the world. Whether you're a beginner or expert this is one event that can cater to all!

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