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Why DragonFire Doors?

December 03, 2014

Why DragonFire Doors?


Seems like everyone wants to make a case for why their aftermarket accessories are superior, especially in the UTV door market. So why buy DragonFire? As Sgt. Joe Friday used to say on Dragnet, "just the facts." Fact is, all of DragonFire’s HiBoy and LoBoy doors come standard with automotive-style “Locked & Secured” slam-shut latch mechanisms. DragonFire doors function just like those on your truck. 

More than just the security of a solid slam-shut latch, the benefits to DragonFire doors extend to multi-angle aluminum skins mounted on steel frames for increased durability. Meanwhile, Delrin striker pins, rubberized tube backing and bumps stops work together to minimize trail noise. The functionality of a DragonFire door is based on years of practical experience.


DragonFire is the pioneer in the field of UTV doors, having developed doors for the U.S. Military and the Border Patrol a decade ago. DragonFire's R&D department remains dedicated to engineering doors to the highest standards… and always with the end user in mind. Available for both the Polaris and Can-Am platforms.


In addition to complete doors, DragonFire door panel kits fill the void in the Polaris XP1 and RZR 900 OEM doors. DragonFire Door Panel Kits are gusseted for strength; include positive stops and offer upgraded hardware while matching the angular design of the OE door. Best of all, DragonFire doors are proudly MADE IN THE USA! 


When it comes to building a better door, there is only one true pioneer: DragonFire! Open and shut case!



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