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Race Report – Beatercross At ERX Motor Park

August 11, 2014

While we think Alex Fortune's Wildcat is way too nice to be competing in something called "Beatercross," it is great to have him flying the DragonFire colors in the Elk River, MN series. Alex is running the DragonFire SFI-approved 5-point race harness, quick-release steering wheel kit, front & rear bumpers, number plates and our signature Flying V Bar.

So what exactly is Beatercros? According to the promoters, "Our Beater-X Series is an entry level/grassroots form of racing consisting of compact cars, small trucks, UTVs and ATVs, competing on an all dirt race track. Adding to the excitement is a track layout that utilizes small rolling jumps, elevation changes, and tight corners to create an extreme form of racing the average guy can compete in." With that in mind, here Alex Fortune race report:

“I came into the night with my Wildcat ready to go and felt really strong in practice. The track was wet and traction was awesome, which allowed me to get a good feel for different lines to try and make for some minor adjustments."

The first heat went great as Alex started on the outside. "As always, I got shoved out, but didn’t waste any time charging from 12th to 7th in two laps. By the time the checkers had waved, we ended up 4th." "The second heat was not favorable as the staging workers were confused and did not go by the lineup rather the arrival of the cars so when we got there we were given 8th pick rather than our 4th pick like we should have been. They wouldn't allow me to be in the back row like I had wanted so we again got pinched at the start."

Things went downhill from there. "Midway through the race it felt like the car had no power going into the ground — I had assumed that it was a traction issue, but we later we found that the clutch spider had broken, so we ended up 7th in the second heat. An inverted start and deteriorating track conditions made for a bad combination.

"Track conditions were horrible since it had dried out with no maintenance done," says Alex. "Visibility was nonexistent, but we came out swinging, ending up in 6th place for the evening after battling through the pack." Not bad, but not what Alex was looking for!

"All and all I am not satisfied with the result, but we finished a night without incident and towards the top of the field behind some very talented drivers. The next and final round is on the 28th and will look to be on the podium to finish out the year strong there.

"I just want to thank you all again for your support and help on everything you've done.”

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