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DragonFire Has An ACE In The Hole

August 07, 2014

Dealing A Full House Of RacePace Components!


Polaris continues to expand its RZR range. From the RZR 570 up through the XP 4 1000 they have a full house in card playing parlance. They further stacked the deck in their favor with the Ranger line of UTV workhorses. However their latest calling card really turned some heads: the single-seat Sportsman ACE. 


While we're still not sure if it is a Side-X-Side minus a side, or an ATV with a steering wheel, we already have an ace in the hole for the whole new ACE! Turns out our popular RacePace modular component system readily adapts to the ACE. Our RacePace front dash bar and our LockDown harness bar bolt right on, adding some much needed strength and style.


Throw in our "Bash" and "Smash" bumpers and we have a RacePace four of a kind that covers the Polaris full house! What's better than four of a kind? For those of you not addicted to the World Poker Tour on TV, that would be a straight flush (five consecutive cards of the same suit). DragonFire draws a flush with our new memory foam belts that fit the ACE when suited to the LockDown harness bar.


Play your cards right and accelerate your ACE to RacePace!

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