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August 01, 2014

DragonFire Maverick Winch Mount For RacePace Front Bumper

Remember the famous last words of a Redneck "Hey ya'll, watch this!" We have all done something with our UTVs that we immediately regretted, but it sure seemed like a good idea at the time. Whether it is competing at the Mud Nationals or a river bottom in Alabama, there is one sure way to determine how much your Can-Am Maverick weighs — just get it stuck!

There is no question that the new Maverick has plenty of horsepower, but we know from firsthand experience that horsepower can't get you through everything. We stuck DragonFire racer Lacrecia Beurrier's Maverick in several silt beds at The Mint 400! If you don't have a winch, you know just what we mean when we say "pushing it out is not an option." 

Fortunately DragonFire's engineering team is smarter than we are and they have created a winch mount kit for our popular RacePace front bumper. We think it looks just as good as it works, and we know you will never have to find out the hard way just how heavy these rigs can be when you have a winch onboard. 

Unlike some bumper-mounted versions on the market, DragonFire's winch kit bolts directly to the frame. This provides a much more secure winching spot. Style and function come together with our fairlead/front differential protection plate. Available piece-by-piece or as a complete kit, this is one item every Maverick and Maverick Max owner should have mounted up!


Top Photo Courtesy Of MaverickForums.Net


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