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July 18, 2014

RacePace RZR Bumper Promotion

One of the first products DragonFire developed still remains one of the most popular!  The RacePace line started with the front "Bash" and rear "Smash" bumpers as the cornerstones to our modular cage component systems. This system allows cash-strapped RZR owners to gradually build-up their own RacePace replica of the first Project X build that made its debut on the Destination Polaris TV show more than four years ago.


To celebrate this success, DragonFire's "Bumper Bash" promotion is back this summer… and better than ever! In addition to offering ridiculous prices on bumpers, you can accelerate the deal to RacePace by getting an even better discount by buying them as a package deal. Best of all, we are offering free shipping while the Bumper Bash promotion continues. 


These killer prices will enable you to continue cranking up the heat headed into dune season, but don't chill too long! When the summer ends, so does this special program! Take advantage of the Bumper Bash Promotion and... Feel the Heat!

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