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July 02, 2014

DragonFire's Heavy Duty A-Arms & Gusset Kits 


Jimmy Keys races his XP1K in the UTV Rally Raid Series down south. Conditions can be brutal for the four hours of adrenaline-packed wide open racing against the clock. Think of European Rally-style driving combined with a Baja format (including pit stops) and throw in the fact that the UTVRR courses are 12 miles long! They have also been described as the most fun you can have with your clothes on… but we are focused on feeling a different kind of heat here!


After finishing on the podium several times last year and taking 3rd overall in the series, Jimmy is back with the Keyscrete XP1K this season… but this time he has a secret weapon! In order to run even faster he needed to know that his RZR could handle the 4-hour torture test. The new Polaris XP1K has more than enough power to start bending and breaking things when you push it past the limits of sanity, like Jimmy routinely does, so DragonFire developed a race-worthy solution with our heavy duty A-arms and gusset kits. 


Retaining the stock geometry, we increased the strength of the arms by TIG-welding larger diameter Chromoly tubing together. We also added multiple colors so that you can get the strength without compromising style. Next, we looked at the A-arm mounting tabs. 


As Jimmy can tell you, people have literally ripped arms out of the frame. Based on DragonFire's years of experience building Baja-beating machines, we know that gusseting is one of the "keys" to a sturdy front end. 

DragonFire's laser cut steel gusset kit is just what the doctor ordered. It more than doubles the thickness of stock suspension mounting tabs, dramatically increasing the strength of the front-end. Combine DragonFire's HD A-arms with our gusset kits and it should stand up to a four hour UTVRR, no problem! 


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