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February 21, 2014

DragonFire's New Door Panels & Slammer Kits For XP1K



If there is one thing DragonFire is guilty of, it is a passion for perfection. We just can't let well enough alone! Case and point, the latest Polaris RZR 1000. Although the XP1K is a pretty sweet machine, we noticed two items that could be made better, namely the doors. Although visually stunning, most serious off-roaders probably prefer something more substantial. With that in mind, DragonFire developed door panels and "Slammer" kits for the big Polaris UTV.


Our panels fill the void left in the stock door in order to prevent pucker bushes from invading your personal space. In addition to keeping debris out of the cockpit, they help keep things like legs safely inside. The laser-cut aluminum panels are gusseted for added strength, while the custom bends match OEM lines. DragonFire door panels are sold in sets and come complete with our exclusive "Slammer" kits.


DragonFire's Slammer kit updates the hardware on the stock door, providing a much sturdier system overall. Not only do these kits reduce the free-play found in the factory door, they help keep the striker pins and latches aligned to keep the doors securely shut at all times. Best of all, this peace of mind is available for right around $20. 


Consider this an open and shut case! If you have an XP1K you need DragonFire's door panels and Slammer kit. Period.



For more info on the new Door Panels & Slammer kits, click here:


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