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Race Report – Lucas Oil Regional Series Round #1

February 13, 2014


DragonFire sponsored pro driver Ken Benson kicked the 2014 season off right last weekend with a 1st place finish in the Unlimited UTV class and a 4th place in his first ever SR1 race! The 2014 race season has brought about lots of changes and new opportunities as DragonFire’s Benson has shifted gears into short course racing, focusing primarily on the Lucas Oil Series events. With help from key sponsors, the DragonFire team has made many changes to Ken’s RZR XP 900 racecar, but most notably has built a new one of a kind SR1 car. These strategic moves have been made to double Ken’s seat time by racing in both classes and will allow for increased exposure in a series that has a broader audience and appeal to its spectators!



Unlimited UTV Race Report:

During qualifying on Saturday morning, the RZR XP 900 was having problems which led to the engine dying in banked corner turns and jumps. The exact cause of the issue was not able to be tracked down between qualifying and the race so the team ended up swapping out fuel pump preventatively hoping it would solve the problem. Unfortunately the problems continued throughout the main event as Ken’s engine would cut out un-expectedly forcing him to manually turn the key to restart the engine and get back after it. Luckily the issues subsided a bit towards the end of the race allowing Ken to battle and secure the lead position on the last lap driving with one hand on the steering wheel and one on the key switch!



SR1 Race Report:

Being his first ever SR1 race, Ken was on a mission to drive the new racecar conservatively and finish. The course was extremely wet and slippery for the first half of the race as he fought to keep the power of his SR1 tamed and connected with the ground. Throughout the race Ken was more and more comfortable with the new setup and carried 3rd position for three laps but ended up in 4th place overall. This first race in the new SR1 car was a great learning experience for Ken and still allowed him to earn valuable points for the season ahead.


The DragonFire race team would like to thank all of the key sponsors who are helping make this season a successful one.


Weller Racing / Elka Suspension / ITP Tires / HiPer Wheels / Dirty Dawg Performance / Royal Purple / Gates Drive Belts / Wolf Designs / Rockford Fosgate

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