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January 14, 2014

Despite Long Odds Lacrecia Beurrier Finishes Her First Pro Race

Competing against a record number of UTV entries, two-time Mint 400 Sportsman champ Lacrecia Beurrier made her pro debut something to write home about. The Parker 250 is notoriously tough, but the Best In The Desert season opener nearly got the best of Lacrecia and Team DragonFire this past weekend! Fortunately some McGuyver-like antics on the part of co-driver Chris Moore kept the team on track for a finish despite a multitude of problems.


An early morning start made for a brisk green flag. Leaving the starting line around 7:30 a.m. in a car that Lacrecia had never raced before, the goal was just to hold a steady pace and finish in the points — you can't win a championship in the first round, but you can easily lose it! BITD rules changed to include a Pro 850 Class, which made for 32 Pro UTV entries… and a lot of dust right off the bat! Dust made navigating the tight corners less than easy and unfortunately something came out of the dust to bite Team DragonFire.


At mile marker 7 they began to hear an ominous "clunk" coming from the front end. Just before mile 8, something let go and the borrowed Can-Am (thanks Rowdy Dawg Racing!) came skidding to a halt. Co-driver Chris jumped out of the car to discover the top shock mount bolt on the passenger side had let go, which allowed the shock to fold the top mounting tabs completely out of the way. Using some elbow grease and a big crescent wrench, Chris bent the tabs back into a usable angle and secured the shock using mis-matched spare hardware. They limped the vehicle for the next 30 miles into midway pit to meet the team for some solid repairs.


The crew in the pits fixed the damaged shock mount in record time… although the lack of Grade 8 mounting hardware would prove problematic. Lacrecia and Chris rolled out of the pits and headed into the aptly named "rock garden" — the roughest part of the track. After passing a number of disabled vehicles in the rocks, Team DragonFire's chances for finishing on the podium were looking good… At least until they were in a high speed section about 11 miles from the main pits when a loud pop in the front end brought them to a dead stop again.


Chris hopped out of the car with a plan this time. Using the berm as a jack, he was able to replace another broken shock bolt (this time on the A-arm). They were quickly underway and heading to the main pits. Upon arrival, the team stationed at that pit was ready with spare parts and a welder. They replaced the damaged mounts and welded everything into place to prevent any more issues. After being fixed and fueled, the duo took back off into the desert at a much quicker pace back into the rock garden.


This time around the course was totally chewed up and broken cars littered the sidelines. After bashing their way through the whoops and rocks, the team was less than 20 miles from the finish and almost clear of the rock garden when POP! Again! By this time, they knew what had happened. Both Chris and Lacrecia hopped out of the car to discover the welded bolt had sheared off with just a bit of the bolt still welded in place. After a long period of persuasion with a wrench and a rock, Chris was finally able to break the welded bolt free. Using a berm once again, they perched the car so the shock mount could be repaired. Unfortunately the soft berm left them stuck on top and nothing was getting them free.


Knowing the time limit was quickly approaching, the team radioed the main pits and told them their situation. After a conversation with the BITD officials, they were told they could finish as long as they made it there on their own power. After a quick yank from the BITD official sweep truck, Team DragonFire was back under way. Very cautiously they made their way to the finish line where they were met by Best In The Desert promoter Casey Folks at the podium. With a handshake and a smile he handed the team their finisher pin and said, “you earned this one” — thanks Casey


Exhausted and happy, Lacrecia and Team DragonFire were able to conquer the brutal Parker 250. A special shout-out to Jagged X for loan of the welder and UTV Underground. Thanks again to all the sponsors who made it possible for Lacrecia’s first Pro Class points: Can-Am, DragonFire, ITP, Muzzy's, Parker Oil Products, RideNow, Rockstar Racing and Rowdy Dawg Racing.
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