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HiBoy Doors Ready To Rock!

November 13, 2013
Mad Men At DragonFire Bring On The BNG

Back in the day, "Bold New Graphics" was advertising speak for "nothing new to see here." Fortunately for RZR fans, times have definitely changed since the "Mad Men" era. DragonFire's next generation of HiBoy doors are now in stock and ready to rock!

Forget the hype and focus on the facts. DragonFire doors are designed with our one-of-a-kind "Locked& Secured" latch system, and feature an automotive style slam-shut system. We honestly believe these doors are heads and shoulders above the competition in terms of fit, function and finish! More importantly, they are also available for the 2014 RZR models, including the all-new Ranger 900.

However, we have incorporated a bit of the old school ad philosophy and busted out liberal swatches of "Bold New Graphics" to further differentiate the 2014 models. From "Orange Madness" to "Liquid Silver" we should have a color palette that appeals to you. 

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