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Max Mystery Machines In Glamis

October 25, 2013

Guess What DragonFire Is Dressing Up As For Halloween?

Our social media manager Chris Moore lives for Halloween in Glamis, but this year is going to be extra special. "Everyone duner knows that Glamis is the place to be for Halloween!" Chris claims.  "Whether it is exploring the badlands of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area or racing up Oldsmobile, you are treated to the trickest sand machines in the world." Throw in the costumes and craziness of a four-day party and you can see why the Glamis Dunes were selected as the final stop of the 2013 DragonFire/MotoUSA Ride Tour Triple Crown.

We will be joining our friends from Can-Am and MotoUSA to show off some real treats!A pair of Can-Am/DragonFire "Mystery Machine" Max's will be prowling through the dunes. Can-Am will have a display featuring the trick DragonFire-built Maverick that we unveiled at the Sand Sports Super Show a couple weeks ago. To quote Shaggy from Scooby Doo fame, "Zoinks!"


In keeping with the seasonal tradition, DragonFire and MotoUSA will be handing out treats for Halloween. Look for us at the base of Oldsmobile during the day or at the Can-Am display area any time to get swag, including Ride Tour T-Shirts and bandanas. 


DragonFire and the MotoUSA film crew will also be out and about each day, filming the Halloween freakiness!

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