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July 17, 2013

Big Show In Big D & New Website Coming This Week

It is just about time to saddle up and head to Texas for the Tucker Rocky national sales meeting. TR is one of the world's largest powersports product distributors, so maybe it is true when they say everything is bigger in Texas? We will be in Big D (actually the suburb of Frisco, Texas) to show the road reps what's new and then meet with some of our favorite dealers.

We will be showing off our RacePace RZR as well as introducing a 2014 catalog exclusively for Tucker Rocky dealers. Happening at the same time as this sales meeting, there will be (fingers crossed) a roll out of the brand new DragonFire website. Nothing like trying to do everything at once... and we are starting to "Feel The Heat" around the Dragon's lair this week!

If all goes according to plan, everything should be live by Friday. Even if you can't make it to Texas for the big show, please check out the completely redesigned DragonFire website and let us know what you think. While you are browsing the Internet, also be sure to "Like" DragonFire on Facebook:

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