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Teryx Performance Upgrade

October 16, 2008



Teryx Jet Kit

7 Map Race Controller

This kit took 7 days on the dyno to develop. It has all the jets, springs and needles to tune for any modification and any altitude. The kit has recommendations for sea level to 5000 feet, and 5000 feet and above. We learned that the needles had to be much smaller and the springs had to be quite a bit softer to create the correct vacuum pressure for the CV style carburetor. This was most evident with our Air Box and Exhaust; the vehicle would not even start unless it was re-jetted. The air flow was so great on the intake side that the slide would not open correctly. We saw a 9 RWHP gain with correct jetting and our ignition alone, with the vehicle reaching over 62 MPH. We added the DFR Intake and Exhaust and saw another 7 RWHP. These are tremendous gains and require upgraded clutching to be able to handle the excessive power. The DFR-4PC2 Clutch and Belt Kit is recommended if not required to add any performance to the Teryx motor.

Price: $99.00

Teryx Clutch and Belt Kit

7 Map Race Controller

With the added performance from our Jet kit, CDI, Intake or Exhaust products, the Teryx requires upgraded clutching and belts. This is a necessity in order to not over run the stock clutch and belt. The new Clutch and Belt Kit provides tremendous launch capabilities, better back shifting and now can hold its peak horsepower RPM. Be sure to order our Jet Kit and Ignition (CDI) for over 9 RWHP gains.
    DFR offers the highest quality belt available. It is designed for severe duty applications such as high horsepower, heavy loads and aggressive driving styles. Built to exacting specifications, measurements and dimensions, this deep double cog-style belt helps reduce clutch heat and benefits from higher quality control and closer tolerances in manufacturing to provide consistent clutch operation.

Price: $325.00

Teryx Ignition

7 Map Race Controller

The Teryx does not use the flywheel pick-up from the Brute Force 750. The DragonFire Teryx Ignition includes the proper wiring harness and provides increased RPM and a new timing curve. The stock curve retards the timing at initial launch.  This is necessary on the Brute Force 750 to prevent excess wheeling, but hinders the acceleration on the Teryx.  Top Speed is also increased to 63 MPH.  This is a factory replacement ignition and works with all digital dashes and 4 wheel drive.

Price: $225.00

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