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DragonFire Racing Crippler 12″ & 14″ Wheels Released

April 07, 2009

After years of testing and trying to find the weak points in wheels, DFR has cast the strongest beadlock wheel available.  With a focus on reinforcing the inner ring which has proven to be the highest failure in racing wheels.  To save weight the outer beadlock was cast into the wheel as well.  No welding of rings, no inner wheel failures to cost you the race.  The Baja Crippler was designed in both 12 & 14 inch and works in both race and play applications.


Wheel size available:

14” x 7” MSRP $285

12” x 7” MSRP $235

More Info:

[Utility ATV@ 3/4/2010 7:57:00 PM]
How does a quad hold up in my part of the country ? One of the more frequently heard comments or question is regarding the quads is its reliability in severe environments. Many acknowledge the quads superior performance, but think that they won’t survive the conditions in their area. We have example after example of the ruggedness and reliability in severe wind (Hurricane force), winter snow and icing. I refer you to the “Customer Comments Page” on this website. Honda ATVs.
[admin@ 3/15/2010 10:39:00 AM]
We race the toughest races on these wheels. They are the strongest wheel you can buy.
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