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Yamaha Rhino 660 Clutch Kit

April 23, 2009

DragonFire Racing Yamaha Rhino 660 Clutch Kit

Dragonfire Racing with the help of EPI have developed 3 unique and specialized clutch systems for the Rhino 660. There is no universal clutch, they are specific to horse power, terrain, elevation, tire size, weight or wheel and tires, and driver preference.

We have designed three unique and specific performance clutch kits. We have only tested these clutches with the below specs.
660 Specs.

Stage 1: Vehicle must have: DragonFire CDI and 26 inch Terracross on ITP 14 inch Type 7. The Vehicle has better back shifting, higher stall speed and no spring sag. A necessity for long rides or extending dunning.

Stage 2: Vehicle must have: DragonFire CDI, Dragonfire Performance intake, DragonFire Dual Guns Exhaust and 26 inch Terracross on ITP 14 inch Type 7. This kit is for vehicles that have 9 hp gains, and increased torque. This system has the correct weights to allow your vehicle to both hold a higher gear when achieving greater top speeds, as well as being able to back shift to the correct gearing and not slow the vehicles acceleration.

Stage 3: Vehicle must have all products in Stage 2 kit as well as our 686 or Supercharger kit. We gained 4 MPH on our top end and increased overall
acceleration throughout the power band.

***** It is recommended with all Clutch Kits to install our new High Performance Belt. This belt gets rid of clutch fade, and is designed for higher horsepower and temperatures.

***** All Kits come with adjustable weights for additional tuning.


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