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Yamaha Rhino 700 CDI

April 23, 2009

DragonFire Racing 700 CDI

This ignition has the DragonFire Racing Standard Map
We add fuel and rpm taking the vehic;e from 6500 to 8000 RPM
The vehilce will do 51 MPH.
By adding our 08 Rhino Sheeve or Snowmobile Clutch the car now does over 60 MPH
This ignition can not be used in a turbo or high compression application.
Please see our full EFI replacement ignition for High performance applications.
DraognFire Racing Stage 2 clutch kit is recommened due to increased HP and RPM
Add the DragonFire Racing Intake and Exhaust and be as fast as a RZR.
700 EFI Fueler: Piggy Back Adapter to the 700 CDI
This programmer allows the customer infinite tuning of our 700 EFI controller.  You now can add and delete fuel throughout the RPM range.  This product should be used with all big more motors and race applications.  It is not necessary for bolt on performance applications.
Please select from drop down box when ordering.
Top Speed Video : 53 MPH Notice Brake Lever to Validate this is a 700 EFI

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