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DragonFire Racing, Team Green Kawasaki, and Pistol Pete Sohren Take on teh Baja 500

May 20, 2009


DragonFire Racing, Team Green Kawasaki and Pistol Pete Sohren


 enter Trophy Truck, Class 1 and the UTV Class for the





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DragonFire Racing, Team Green Kawasaki and Pistol Pete Sohren enter Trophy Truck, Class 1

and the UTV Class for the SCORE BAJA 500
We are back to the Desert the first week of June for the Tecate Score Baja 500.  I am excited to

be back in the Class 1 car.  We have made many changes to the chassis with the help of Gear

One, Fox Racing, UPR and Greg Foutz since Primm last month, and not even the Swine Flu will

stop us from getting this car to the checkers first.   

We are also back with Team Green Kawasaki this year and have Reid Nordin and Hans Waage

sharing the driving our Factory Backed Teryx.  The success this car is having in both short course

and Desert Racing make this 90 MPH Teryx quite the Monster in Baja!

We added a Trophy Truck to the mix and brought Pistol Pete Sohren  in to make it an all out

assault on the 2009 Tecate Score Baja 500. 

“I am excited to be part of team DragonFire Racing for one of the best races of the year.  Team

DragonFire plans to launch a three prong attack on the Baja 500 we are gunning for the

Podium.”  Stated Pistol Pete Sohren.


Baja has and always will be the epic adventure, we are fortunate enough to be part of this series

every year, and wish all our friends, drivers and competitors a safe and fast race. 

To stay updated on our status during the race visit:
This is real time tracking of our three teams.

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