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June 03, 2013

See The Rig On Destination Polaris This Sunday

After weeks of leaked images with strategically placed digital camouflage, rumors and red herrings, the wraps finally come off the latest “Project X” this weekend. The DragonFire ReadyForce rig will make its debut on Destination Polaris this Sunday, June 9. If you haven’t guessed what X3 really is yet, maybe this final pre-show blog will help? The doors are a dead give away!

Taking what we have learned over the years of producing doors for the border patrol and the military, combined with torture testing at the race track, DragonFire makes some awesome doors. We have applied everything we know for the Project X platform, including the final refinements for the doors. Utilizing the same features of our HiBoy and LoBoy RZR and XP4 doors, we have created a whole new set-up for this mystery machine.

Standard features include lightweight steel frames, aluminum skins and our one-of-a-kind slam shut latch with built-in locking mechanism. Like all our doors, Project X3 doors were designed to keep you “Locked & Secured” no matter where your ride takes you. We incorporated a new shape that provides both a high level of protection with a great line of sight when things get tricky. With cost in mind, we were able to create a strong door that utilizes stock pick-up points. This eliminated the need for an outer frame and helped keep the price tag down without sacrificing that “Locked & Secured” feel.

The ReadyForce doors come pre-assembled and powdercoated and fit onto the Polaris… well, we won’t spoil the secret if you haven’t guessed what model the X3 is based yet. Tune into Destination Polaris on Fox Sports to see for yourself! All the details of Project X3 will be revealed on the Destination Polaris TV show on June 9th.

Now shown on Fox Sports, the show reaches more than 70 million homes each Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and re-airs on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. (all times local). More details about Destination Polaris can be found at the website. Speaking of websites don’t forget to check out as well as “Like” DragonFire on Facebook at

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