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Colorado 500

August 25, 2009

Last week I was able to attend The Colorado 500.   This is a Kawasaki Team Green Sponsored Charity event that takes us from Aspen to Telluride and back.  A trip that crosses mountains that exceed 13,000 feet, and a trail system that allows us to runs over 700 miles of Single track in 5 days.  An event that has now sustained 34 years of riding, and reminiscing with great friends, and the chance to meet some new ones.

This year I have the privilege to spend another great week of riding with Team Green.  Larry Roeseler made my week interesting, making sure we took the most difficult trails, like Green Lake, Little Mill and Alpine Loop all in the same 160 Mile Day. 

Reid Nordin and Andy from Team Green worked on every Manufactures bike the entire week twice a day, and made sure my KX 450 ran flawless the entire week.  I want to thank Alan from Baja Designs for making me a one off street legal kit for my bike, and Andy from Team Green for putting the new race map in my computer.  The Bike is the best bike I have ever had the chance to get on, and fall off of.

I had a chance to ride with Randy Hawkins this year, and brought my first Rookie Jack McCormick from DragonFire.  Jack was kind enough to put a handle bar in his quad in the first 5 miles of day one, just enough blood and pain to allow me to keep up with him all week.  If you have never had the chance to ride with some of the greatest Racers of all time, this was an amazing week. Last year I sat on the top of Alpine loop with LR and Malcom Smith and this year LR and Randy Hawkins. 

There is always some great stories, it can start with too many Avalanche’s in the bar the night before the ride, or a bee putting LR in the Lake City Clinic on Day 4.  The best part is someone always gains from another’s misfortune.  Jack, my Rookie, now holds a title that few, if any people can say they have done. Jack is one of the first people to ever help LR ride his bike.  Not that LR found a difficult section and needed assistance, but instead got stung by a bee in Lake City and had to go to the Clinic for some medical assistance.  Jack made sure LR and his bike got to the Clinic and then like any good friend left him there.  Like and true Rider and Friend once he saw LR in good hands he continued his day riding.  We saw LR again that evening, had some beers and went riding again the next day.   As many years LR has been in Baja you can’t imagine a bee sting stopping his ride.  5 years ago he rode the last two days of Dakar with a broken Ankle.  I even rode with a hangover the next day. 

Special thanks go out to the Colorado Trail Preservation Alliance and my buddy Riggle for keeping these trails open for all of us to ride.  If you want to keep these trail open and have a chance to join us next year, please go to this web site and make a donation. 

This event and the countless charities and people that benefit from this annual Journey would not happen if it was not for the countless hours and passion of the Dallenbach Family and Friend.  Wally thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.

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