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Dragonfire Racing Debuts Rugged Gauges for UTVs

April 21, 2010

You hear the word “rugged” used a lot when the conversation turns to UTVs. There’s talk about rugged winches and rugged tires and rugged independent rear suspensions — all kinds of UTV products, parts and systems that are built tough in order to properly explore the rugged outdoors the way it was intended to be explored.

DFR-GaugeLet’s face it. When you’re bouncing and barreling around the desert strapped down to a pair of high-back bucket seats under a steel cage, there’s not a whole lot of room for dainty between you and your navigator. We took that into consideration when we began offering the all-new Dragonfire Racing custom gauges for rugged off-road UTV use.

Not only are they accurate, good-looking and easy to read, these custom gauges are —well, you know — rugged. They’re contained within a Fiberglas Reinforced Plastic (FRP) case, which has been molded to withstand all the bumping and bouncing and vibrating and extremes of heat and cold you can toss its way. And the internal movements are dampened for severe off-road abuse.

Immune to the thrashing they’re subjected to on the desert floor, these UTV gauges also feature brass and stainless steel internal components that prevent corrosion. And adding to their Terminator toughness are American-made Deutsch connectors that provide a watertight, weatherproof and dust-resistant electrical connection. The harsh desert sun won’t fade the UV-coated pointers. Heck, even the Dragonfire Racing icon features UV protection.

Also available are a variety of gauge panels including a powder-coated dash mounting solution and a billet-machined steering wheel application. Matching rocker-style on-off switches are available to complement these gauges, offered with a weather-resistant switch body, button, connector and terminals for 14- to 16-gauge wire. Constructed of large, soft rubber, these match up perfectly with Dragonfire’s gauge kits.

The Dragonfire water temperature gauge is in the 100- to 250-degree F range, with optimization in the 170 to 220-degree range. The voltmeter displays 8 to 18 volts, and the fuel gauge features 240 to 33 ohm, allowing high resolution across the range and optimum Fuel Level Sending units. A capillary tube design eliminates erratic needle movement that often accompanies fuel motion during a bumpy ride.

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