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Let There Be Light — All Over the Desert

May 05, 2010

DFR-Hood-ScoopAs if the Polaris Ranger RZR and RZR S UTVs weren’t outlandishly functional and stylish on their own, our designers have gone out and created a new LED hood scoop that brings performance and class — as well as an abundance of light — to the nighttime desert sands or wherever you happen to drive or race. Called the DFR Sport Shaker Hood, this durable and rugged UTV accessory mounts firmly to the RZR’s hood, offering a great way to illuminate your ride.

Powerful LEDs are no longer restricted to just the rooftops or bumpers of your UTV. The Dragonfire Light Bar, which is sold separately, is mounted directly to the hood, providing maximum stability and enabling you to drive as fast and as safe as you can once the sun goes down. Installing this fixed-mounted LED scoop smack dab in the center of the factory UTV hood provides a steady and broader light projection that lights up more of the surrounding terrain.

Our light source is an 8-inch LED that features a 100 percent optically pure acrylic lens with aluminum housing that is dust and water resistant for long life. These Dragonfire LEDs produce 160 lumens — each — which makes the weak, narrow beam of light produced by other manufacturers’ lighting systems appear inadequate at best.

The Shaker Hood Scoop is a sturdy, lightweight cover that mounts to the factory hood of your Polaris Ranger RZR or RZR S, providing protection for the entire LED system. And because it is self-contained, you still have full access to the trunk area. Best yet, the LED and hood scoop can easily be installed at home in your own garage. A template is included in the package so you can be sure you are cutting out space for the hood scoop in exactly the correct place.

In no time at all, you’ll have a retro-style hood scoop that provides great visibility in the evening hours and a classy look in the bright light of day.

You can see the Shaker Hood Scoop at  To see DFR’s Light Bar, visit

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